Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Which Man? Sex & the City.

Ladies and gays, its going to be here sooooon. Sex & the City on the big screen.

The topic comes up again amongst friends. In the relationship you are in now, or relationships you've had in the past, how do you relate your man to the partners of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw? Fellas, which man are you? Which one to you want to be for your own "Carrie?"

Mr. Big: Exciting, opinionated, elusive, witty, emotionally unavailable. You can sense he wants to be with her (you) but is afraid. In and out of her (your) life, breaking her (your) heart. Many curses of bad timing. Despite it all, she (you) always believes in their love and he remains an underlying current.

Burger: Geek chic, (which can be quite appealing....) Handsome, sweet, intellectually stimulating. Drawn to her (your) boldness and confidence yet ultimately insecure about his hot and successful lady. If not for his insecurity, he'd be amazing. Ugh, lets not forget the wimpy post-it note goodbye and no talk. (Akin these days to a text or 1 line email to end a relationship.)

Aiden: A man's man with heart. He can build her (your) desk, throw her (you) over his shoulder, wrap his big arms around her (you) so protective and also be so sweet as to run a nice bath for (her) you. Is he so "perfect" that he's hard to live up to, so she (you) perpetuate(s) an even more imperfect and wrong version of her (your) self?

The Russian: "Exotic." Dramatic and opinionated creative type from another place. Revs her (your) engine in a new way. Adores her (you) while also being quite egocentric. Knows how to court a woman properly (we do all love that). The older man/dominate role in the relationship. She (you) may acquiesce much more than in other relationships. She (you) are simply tired of being the independent decision-making woman and just want a man to be a man and run the show for awhile. Emotionally unavailable and egocentric similar to Mr. Big.

I think the Russian is quite like Mr. Big, just older. Perhaps Mr. Big would turn out this way in 20 more years if he and Carrie do not tie the knot. Both put her up on a pedestal like a beautiful princess yet could just as easily ignore and hurt her without realizing it due to their massive egos. With these two, her life was the most dramatic, glamorous and exciting (for better or worse).

Some of us have been with all these types, some always go for the same. Some men are a combo. Really just some classic personality traits for each. I know I always wanted her with Mr. Big. The union of their different backgrounds--different personalities yet so much the same at the heart of it all. Lets think of that sweet and simple moment they danced to Sinatra playing in that empty room on his record player before he was to move. The electricity they created was wonderful, addictive, and intoxicating for us all to feel a part of. I liked the Russian for a bit too--though I knew he'd never last. He was right for the moment. We just want her (you) to have her (your) prince charming, white horse and all. Hmmmm......I want a private movie screening with friends and cocktails ;)

And where would we be without our dear friends?

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