Tuesday, January 6, 2009


3 lovely days with a handful of lovely friends. A great escape. Loving meals shared together. Relaxing times under a citrusy garden of eaten and in the perfect saline water. What a way to end 08 and start 09. PS, I love you ;)
Resolutions, wishes, hopes, dreams, and affirmations written down, then all put in the fire up in smoke signals to the powers that be above. Our light is so bright and full of good.
America's most wanted.

An attempt at a human 2009 captured by DelinleeDelovely starring Callie the wonderpup, Alex, Roxy, a Laura Kranitz feather headpiece, and some Lanvin men's shoes. We're off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of Oz.

I'm gonna let go of my love of Christmas songs with this one, an homage to the tunes which rang in 09 for us. I need the actual playlist, but there was a lot of straight up dancing, waltzing, and some studio 54 and Soul Train moves. Click it. Best of that era.

Grace Jones, Grace Jones Grace Jones, Smiths, Stones, Avalanches, Bowie, a big ol fun mix.


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