Sunday, January 18, 2009

Violets & Pansies

Remembering my dear aunt today with a smile. When I was a tiny girl something about her liking those purple-hued flowers stuck in my mind and I forever associate them with her.

Living on the East coast, I never took the beauty of wild Violets for granted. As a young girl, whenever I encountered those treasures of wild Violet patches, I loved to pick a handful of them and make an informal arrangement. (Its hard to believe some people consider them a weed). The cool-colored dainty flowers are framed perfectly by rounded heart-shaped leaves. When I lived in Athens, GA, my house had a steep bank on one side shaded by a huge Pecan tree. In the spring, probably through early fall, the entire bank was covered in wild Violets. It was a magical sort of sight for me and I would sometimes steal some moments lying on top of that cool and plush bed of flowers.

In the same Genus (Viola) as Violets, Pansies look like a watercolor painting come to life. They are sweet and simple yet also intriguing. They can transport us back to Victorian times.

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