Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Pre-new year to now my mood floats from the old standard of Henry & June (Anais Nin), Neuromancer (William Gibson), and Once is Not Enough (a trashy but good 1973 novel by Jacqueline Susanne--most known for Valley of the Dolls).

What is the connection? Not much other than you can't judge a book or a person the cover, now can you? ;) I like the escape from a quiet room with the gruff Henry Miller, to a pool bungalow at the Beverly Hills hotel with starlets and journalists to futuristic cyberpunk. I'd like to dress in costume for each of these books for each day of the week. I found some info online that William Gibson is writing the screenplay for the film, but I have no idea if this is valid. Seems like a massive undertaking.

I'm seeing so much talk of "futuristic" fashion stories lately. Why doesn't someone do a Neuromancer fashion editorial?

Amusing...."futuristic" fashion of 2000 filmed in 1930.

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