Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anti-Hipster Alert: Big Buck Hunter is Where Its AT!

3 girls all named "Heather" for the night. Now you know my trick to play dumb and get rid of the creeps.

We wandered in. Rebecca made us go there to experience it. I see the game. Skynrd is on the jukebox. I don't even care about a drink. I just HAVE to play this game while Skynrd is on. Must get change!
Seriously. Don't piss me off. I'll cut you. I mean shoot you.

Dive bar + 3 friends and one young nouveau riche guy in a Hummer asking us to "come party with him" and no champagne in sight = lets make the best of it and actually have a damned good time!

Except for the fact, and I do not lie, that I may have been a slight "buzz kill" because everytime I shot the buck, um, well, I actually apologized and said, "I'm sorry." Yes, that made my friends laugh, but I felt bad.....even though I wanted to kick some ass.

Its my new la femme Nikita meets modern Cleo 'do that makes me so comfy with weapons perhaps?

Julie was the sexy winner. Though I SMOKED her in the alien screen. Ha. It was the best! Cows being sucked up by alien ships you had to blast away! Wow. I want this at home! Do you think they sponsor vegetarians?
The "aim" (ha, get it) of Big Buck Hunter is simple. Shoot as many of the three male deer with the double pump shot gun on any given screen without shooting any female deer. Double pumping is really difficult. Ha. get it. Anyway, bonuses are awarded for shooting two (double buck) or three (triple buck) and for accuracy. Just don't shoot the does.......its really bad for your score and your karma.....

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