Sunday, December 2, 2007

Surfer girls.....local girls

Some calls this weekend thanks to good ol' USA network showing Blue Crush. I turned it on after prodding from Rebecca. I haven't seen it in so long. My dear Mr. Stockwell, you did a fabulous job. So weird in some ways to watch it, so much has changed since then for me, so much in every way possible, and so much for all of us. Funny to think of how some people know the lines I ad-libbed for the film with Keala and for Kate in the end (or as incidental as it may seem to some, to help in creating the "look" of the "modern" surfer girl is kinda cool. Did ya know I actually designed that rashguard? I was just SICK of my girls looking like boys in contests!) It was such an amazing experience and its a cute film. I forged some amazing friendships on that one. BC truly visually captures the beauty and allure of Hawaii. And thats one thing that hasn't changed for me, the pineapple girl. I love Hawaii so much. I have to get there soon! KK and Sanoe, I miss you...............................

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