Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holidays in LA until VA

Christmas in LA. Its different to say the least. Not anything like what I grew up with.

Yesterday I wandered past the La Brea Tarpits. Its such an amazing little pocket of prehistoric wonder in the midst of huge commercial buildings and a major boulevard. I sometimes imagine the animals coming to life in the middle of it all and what would happen...... On that note, off to the Dali exhibit. I felt like a loser not having paid respect to the great surrealist yet, and the exhibit ends on the 6th. I was beyond trying to coordinate with anyone to go, thats always a struggle in this town. Dali's talent along with his ego and charisma certainly would have been a magnet for me or even an aphrodisiac had I been around in another time in place. I had a few moments in one of the gallery rooms alone with Mr. Dali. His crazy eyes and moustache were alive in his animated expressions in film being shown on the 20 foot wall. I always enjoy those sort of exhibitions, where you get to peak more into the actual world of the artist, rather than just observing their known works. I understand now his fascination with cinema, and how he translated that into his paintings. Capturing the flow or evolution from one scene to the next from the "films" in his mind into 2-D expression. I never knew he lived in Monterey or that he painted commissioned portraits of Hollywood actors and studio execs. I can see why Warhol was so drawn to him. Lucky Ultraviolet to have spent time with them BOTH!

So leaving there, back to reality, I did some family holiday shopping. I had this bizarre moment last night at the Grove. Its such a manicured shopping environment, much like a Hollywood set. I sort of have a love/hate thing with it. The Farmer's market next store is more interesting with all the different sorts of cuisine from around the world. Probably the coolest store there is the one with all the vintage toys and memorabilia. The Grove seems really great for families. Always so many kiddies wandering around riding the train, listening to live music, and last night, they made the Hollywood experience complete with ACTUAL SNOW billowing down from the rooftops. It was amazing. It was cold and melted upon my skin. Bizarre. And I have to say, it helped my spirit of the Holidays come out more.

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