Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lost in Translation or Koreatown

While we don't have natural snow in LA, we do have Koreatown and an interesting place with private karaoke rooms called the Orchid Lounge. Mikey & me invited our remaining interns for a little ghetto fab thank you evening of eats, drinks, dancing on tables, and sing along fun with daddy Mike and momma Jess. Lost in Translation style.

When my taxi dropped me off outside, I was a bit concerned that it seemed a bit sketchy......but it was great once I got into it. I think Eri & her Frenchman were a bit sketched out for the few hot minutes they stayed, but we were just glad they dropped by, looking fabulous as always. Other lovely guest appearances were made by Dave & spicy Ali, just hours before she was taking off for Argentina.

Our little intern & PRLA family has stuck together rather nicely. Some are even trained to kill upon command. I think Mike was trying to have Danielle destroy me? We sang Rod Stewart "If You Think I'm Sexy" twice in a row at the end. And those little kiddies all know the words without the prompter. Good ol' Rod. Dolly Parton also went over well. There were also some Spice Girls and other really fun ones.

Don't let his calm, cool, collected demeanor fool you. Mike's got a real talent for the karaoke. Look for his Spanish translation of "Sexy Back" to take over Karenno's Armenian YouTube sensation (the kid is up to 6,000 views....)

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