Friday, December 14, 2007

Played By My Heteros......

It was a good thing.

The boys, my heteros, they are full of surprises. Asking for my help shopping for something cool at the Foley + Corinna opening for one of their girlfriends who lives in Paris. They said she dresses a lot like I do. Ok. I wanted to know all about her style, likes, dislikes. Does she wear fur or not. I decided that for Paris, to be safe, they should only look at black, a touch of red, or creme. I found this insane, very unique, very thin black suede tunic with a pattern created into the suede out of finely cut slashes. It had some handsewn pearl accents scattered about. Very Kate Moss meets hippie meets Chanel. Maybe more London than Paris, but anyway.

So they boys are all proud, as am I, having helped a friend in fashion need. They get her all wrapped up. We continue on with our champagne, conversation, new friends, and laughter.

The heteros announce a bit later that they decided I deserved a trophy for being this nice person or what have you. (Am I?) I am taken aback by all the compliments, blushing, and thinking they are actually going to present me with some cool little trophy. Ha. So there it is. They hand me the bag. Its the cool suede tunic I picked out. It wasn't for the girlfriend, it was for me :) It was the sweetest thing thats happened, well, since my birthday when my girlfriends all got together and rescued me from fashion week hell.

Of course I had to show it off and tell the tale to just about anyone who would listen that night. The gays, when told about the heteros manuevering, gave the cutest, most enthusiastic round of applause.

I still can't believe it, days later......Those sweet gestures of humanity. Of course I love the tunic, but Its really more the thought of it. That they planned it out and did it.

Dave & Mark, thank you so much......its nice to have such caring friends who can make a girl glow with happiness. :)

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