Thursday, November 8, 2007

Becoming the Undead is Liberating! I Like Handlebars.

Dance photo from the cobrasnake. I like being a tiny (zombie) dancer.

'Cause this is Thriller! Paper magazine's Colette dance party hosted by Mr. Jeremy Scott was just an incredible time! Monmarte Lounge was the spot. The perfect space for it. My costume was so much fun to make and I LOVED my makeup! I felt like I accomplished it like a pro (what do you think Roxy?). Making all my skin geisha white (yes, the girl who is practically a geisha does have geisha powder) was really interesting.

night of the living undead: Jeremy & Jessica. glowing eyes courtesy of the other side.

I normally would not post these many photos of myself or probably pose this much, but I am proud my little creative endeavor turned out so well. And I was rather acting another character all night.

Overall, I think I really like the undead look and its kinda sexy in a bizarre way. You don't care if your makeup is all smudged, or your hair is a mess, or someone spills a cocktail or um, blood on you, or any of that stuff. Its like rock and roll f-you, f-me, I am FREE!

Photo from the cobrasnake.

I've always had this slightly vampire fetish, the whole biting of the neck thing and the idea of that freakish connection to the one who gave you eternal life.....or giving it to another..... I KNOW it sounds crazy! Or maybe spiritual in a sweet sort of way. Yes. Don't judge, I am not actually a vampire that I know of. And without freaking any of you out, I kind of have had experiences with some powers and such, but anyway......onto the fun. (insert ghoulish Vincent Price laughter here)....

Learning the Michael Jackson Thriller choreography was just so FUN! THE BEST! The girls at Colette in Paris realized the power of pop music dance moves a while ago and came here to show us Americans the fun. Slapping faux blood all over my friends was like some frenzy! It was like a blood dealer at a vampire party. Urban Decay Gash lip gloss was helpful as well. People were flocking in, wanting the latest undead beauty tips and blood. And you could just WATCH everyone become liberated once they had blood dripping from their mouth, nose, eyes, or ears. Honestly, it was a sort of an aphrodisiac or I don't know what, but the blood and makeup CHANGED people I am telling you! Look, I could hardly keep my tongue in my mouth. Ha.

Orlando is such a cute zombie and great dancer! BTW, the sticky, drippy, juicy faux blood was a refreshing mint flavor for those bloody zombie or vampire kisses you know you are hot for.

So only 50-60 of us were allowed to take part in the class while the rest of the party watched. I was my lucky #13. Sweet CC was my big cheerleader as she watched from the DJ booth. We had the lesson and danced for at least 45 minutes or maybe an hour. Seriously, I want to do that every WEEK! The instructor was amazing, a fabulous personality, and talented man. At the end, we had a zombie dance off, odd numbers against even numbers and then we were all over the floor writhing around. WOW! It was also fab fun dancing one on one with our instructor after the Thriller lesson, and a bit of my favorite sweet nectar..... champagne (not blood).

Our dance instructor.

He has great moustache style to go along with his fancy footwork.

More photos to follow from BB & Eri...send them on girls!

And some on the Cobrasnake site:

More and video will be up on and who knows where else.

Paper, Colette friends, dance instructors, & Jeremy: Love you all TO DEATH!
Eternally yours,

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