Monday, November 12, 2007

There Was This Hot GTO.....

So last week, I looked out my window at work. And I shreiked outloud, a scream of pure animal pleasure. My intern was aghast. Mikey was afraid. They'd never seen or heard that side of sweet Jessica. (This was before they saw me become a zombie). I ran to the door. I walked all around it, right there on the street, peered inside the empty car. Looked around, wondering, dreaming, of who could be the owner of such a hot ride??? Do I dare touch its fabulous hood?

"Oh," I said, "maybe the owner is as amazing as the car?" In my head I thought, "please, please, let this be a GIFT for me today! A car this HOT with a guy equally as hot driving it!" Aside from the fantasy, I really would like to have a car like that. It looked a lot like the one here.

And Izzy once said some really funny stuff about muscle cars. That girls are just not responsible for their actions when exposed to a muscle car. I know, its a bit crazy. You don't maybe picture the girl with the great shoe & hosiery collection dying for these cars. Maybe it just goes back to my adolescent history?

My boyfriend Roger in high school drove a dark beetle green GTO with a matching beetle green interior and that slip-slidey big old back seat....... Its nickname was the "time machine" because somehow, time escaped all who rode in it, such an amazing ride.

And back to now, I wondered aloud, "where is the owner?" Someone in my office sarcastically said, "probably in Hot Wings, or Babeland buying "toys". "NO!" I countered, "I think he's down buying a fabulous hat at the hat store." That was the play in my mind.

Please, let this ALL be a gift to me today.

And 20 minutes later, what do you think we saw?


Anonymous said...

Nice GTO, but wasn't the Time Machine an Oldsmobile?

Jessica said...

hmm... maybe....i mean its been so long since high school! who is this?--jessica

roger said...

Oops, I guess I didn't sign up correctly. It's Roger. I hope I didn't creep you out, Moody found your blog and told me about it. It's nice, you do good work. I got a kick out of your story of the REM concert with Jodi. It's funny, Moody & I went to see them last month in Raleigh. They did a lot of oldies and really took us back in time. I hope all is well with you and your family, I didn't realize you had a brother.

jessica trent said...

ROG! wow!!! i hate the internet and i love it just for this sort of thing!send me your proper email address so our dialogue doesn't have to be posted for the masses ;) i was just back in virgina for the 4th.