Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One of my lives

Leesa Leva

Hmmm.....this sort of inspires me to paint again. Its not mind-blowingly creative, its somehow "attainable." I was pretty good at gouache and watercolor, colored pencils, graphite.... Always more into humans and their surroundings than straight still lifes of objects or architectural renderings.

So this is the stuff I know. People. I love watching humans, its like the best TV set in the world right in front of us every day. When I went to school and took my fashion illustration courses, sadly the world was overcome with photography and computer graphics. Now there is a resurgence for fine arts and illustration in pop culture it seems.

For a long while, Paper magazine kept fashion illustration alive in their pages, even when others were not. Hopefully they'll bring that back again. I loved those pages with the imaginary models and I loved more that all the garments were properly credited.

I should be doing something else right now, but I am dreaming of my little watercolor sketchbook. Why did I stop painting and drawing so long ago? Maybe I'd have been a great illustrator by now...... Maybe not, but we never know. Why did I quit the violin (another dream to take back up again). I hope I don't forget. I hope I do it again....just for me! :) Its never too late to take up again anything we once loved.

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