Friday, November 2, 2007

Hot Japanese Elvis, Sandy & Danny, a Surfing Clown, a Gangsta, Leia, a Skunky Dog, and a Little Ladybug

All Hallows Eve. My first as a Hollywood resident. One of my favorite "holidays." Maybe its because I enjoy its origin. The old tradition. The the change of seasons. The harvest moon. Or maybe I just enjoy dressing up. You know you may have issues when you don't have to buy a single thing for your costume. When you throw it together in 15 minutes after you realize you just happen to have in your closet: ladybug wings, a black sequined skirt, a black bustier, red stockings, black satin elbow length gloves, and the related accessories. You don't want to say where you've worn it all...but yes, I like playing dress up. And then you are proud to have an extra costume or 4 for friends to choose from.

Fun times. Terribly charming Elvis. Meow. Wait, I am a ladybug, not a cat. Darling friends as Sandy and Danny. And wow, Leia was the hit of the party!

While the West Hollywood scene would have been a circus of delights, this was really perfect!

Until next year. Cheers.

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