Monday, November 12, 2007

Paper Magazine 24 HR Store LA

(I am so tired here.....but happy :) He's all sexy.)
What FUN! Design, socializing, good music, art, an interesting environment, good style, and friends old and new :)

SOME PHOTOS + Paper Mag's take


Kim at Paper magazine put together a fabulously edited pop-up store with wares from 25 brands/stores. colette had the best ltd. edition Tanqueray bottle designed by Jeremy Scott, the Piper champagne by Viktor & Rolf, darling Hello Kitty Pez, fun little things. Mollusk had some incredibly beautiful surfboards. I should have snatched up that vintage Betsey Johnson skirt from Screaming Mimis (I've loved that store and their illustrated advertisements for years) but it was just too crazy in the place and I could not keep up with all the visually appealing things everywhere......and time just went too fast.

So, lets see, Dave bought the coolest, sexiest gold computer thingy I've ever seen. The Lacie drive from Rose Apodaca's stand. Hot hot piece of computerness. I bought hundreds of dollars worth of feathered handmade headpieces--champagne on the brain and paying tribute to my ancient native American blood, and talked to so many nice people from Show Pony, Colette, Jeremy's kids, MAC, the snake boy, giving and receiving guidance to/from the young the hipster girls (I show how to wear feather headresses, am shown the latest real gold-flaked Givenchy lipgloss), and more. Oh, thats the amazing Ann Magnuson that I'm putting my divine feather hat creation on by Laura Kranitz who sells at the super amazing Show Pony in Echo Park.

I was too enthralled to take photos on my own, but above are some for you to click to and enjoy thanks to our friends at Paper and the Cobrasnake.

A great experential marketing creation by Paper--the magazine was brought to life through the art, commerce, characters and artists all in one place in humble Los Angeles for 24 hours.....

Saying goodbye is always so sad :( LA loves you Paper!

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