Friday, October 26, 2007

Dressing for the seasons....

I've been preparing for winter. Perhaps a bit of Karl's color palette (though its his palette year-round). I am loving rich, pearly cream with black and grey. Sometimes a splash of merlot or red like my nails right now. The skin is more fair, the hair becomes darker. Its a nice contrast, and it mirrors what will come in "real" winter places when nature creates silhouettes of greyish limbed trees without their leaves against the winter's stormy grey-white sky.

And then in spring, the leaves bloom once more and the butterfly comes out of her cocoon.

A few images for you from Paris fashion week.

The voluminous Lanvin dresses in the purest, saturated colors. What a fantasy to walk into a large room in this dress. The movement of air it would create around you as you'd move. I am in love.

And at McQueen, the butterfly/Japanese feel of the dip-dyed silk (okay, maybe a bit Prada from fall--but this sort of dyed silk is always gorgeous) again, the air flowing through the cape, with the amazing butterfly hat designed by Phillip Treacy.

Okay, back to my black and cream and white with my matching darling dog for now :)

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