Thursday, October 18, 2007

i took it back, now its haunting me....

tiny dancer. driving down la brea towards culver city to go to the fashion show. i'm stuck in traffic for a second. the car going opposite of me is blasting her. i go to dinner with my boss in bh after the show. tiny dancer plays in the sushi restaurant. very weird. kelly's boyfriend says elton wrote it for tony danza....ha. sing it now.

kelly looks at me, after saying how sweet i am, how nice the dress is on me, "watch out for jessica trent. she's got this whole secret life we don't know anything about." she calls me by my full name a lot.....and i like it. and i told her she's right. i have a lot of lives....

6 down, 1 more show to go. mikey is amazing. the girls from ny are machines.

i love jeremy.

my heart still hurts for my family, but work tonight was good therapy. i helped this 15 year old foster child have a great evening. front row at a fashion show. and introduced her to lisa love from teen vogue who was very nice and accommodating to the request. the girl was beaming. i hope she gets adopted. losing a family member today and meeting this girl puts things in perspective. i don't think people realize whats really important until its too late sometimes. i try to keep my eyes on the spiritual prize. sometimes i fail.

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