Thursday, October 18, 2007

feathers, glitter, and lace

sent to friends on october 13.

so i am dressed like a crazy old french gyspy today. sort of the look i've grown into of late.

here til 11 last night.

we have male & female models here for the heatherette fitting. hot boys in banana hammocks with glammed up vintage pilots caps practicing their runway walk 3 inches from my desk. now a perfect baby daddy--mocha skin with green eyes-- in 1.5 inch inseam turquoise lycra shorts and a embellished cape. sort of some peruvian rainforest action hero? not sure what the look is. amazon girls made more amazon in 6" glam rock glitter platform spectators and crazy dresses. the girls do dwarf the boys.

poor heatheretters are stressing

while all this is going on, preparing for jeremy scott casting in 45 minutes.

i'm so tired but this is the fun stuff, the visual, the theatrics, and part of the reason i took the plunge into fashion from surfboard wax and motocross tires ;)

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