Sunday, October 14, 2007

I said, "let them eat cake!"

From sweet Mikey and our beautiful babies.

Rebecca asked if they were all models!

Oh yeah, we have a great crew of fashion week interns!

Thanks kids!

I really was hoping to be able to download some photos and post separately about my FRIENDS who came through so lovingly on my birthday. But I haven't had time to do the photos....

Rebecca & Julie drove all the way up from San Diego and coordinated with miss KK and Ali to meet at my office since I was in fashion week hell. They showed up Sat. night with crazy amounts of wine & champagne and enough gourment cheese, bread, salad and other amazing munchies for the entire PR army. Kelly told me to go home, go out, have fun with the friends, so we ended up having such a lovely time even though I was half-asleep ;) It was just a great feeling to get a few of my important girls from the different aspects of my life together. So that was indeed the greatest gift of all! Thanks to you all and for the amazing gifts as well as the gift of your friendship and love :)

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