Wednesday, October 3, 2007

cause me pain hedi slimane

I touched greatness today. Really touched greatness in the flesh. Smiled the rest of the day. Fired UP! Ha. I never am groupie style.

So I see him sitting there inside M Cafe, and I feel like a recognize or know him, but then I recognize him not because he's someone I know but because its, well, HIM! (the trickery of our brains....still programmed from caveman times that if we see someone and they are familiar, we do actually "know" them...thanks Jane) But he's someone I *SHOULD* KNOW my brain said! He has huge, piercing blue eyes. His haircut is a bit geeky, but less so in person than photos. J'adore le geek chic. He had on a fitted green polo with a vest over it. Yes, he eerily reminds me of someone I know..... Anyway, Rebecca's sister met him at an art show in Amsterdam a few months ago and said he was super sweet.

So I enjoyed my lovely lunch with Keala & Jane, and was going to wait for him to get up to leave to say "hello." But he was apparently in no hurry. And I had to get back to my babies left alone in the office. So, as we left, I politely interrupted his group, introduced myself and just told him that I "NEVER" do this but I am just a huge admirer of his work, etc. He was super sweeeeeeeet, smiled a big smile, looked at me, stood up from his table and looked at me eye to eye with his huuuuuuge baby blues, shook my hand, thanked me profusely........ I told him to have a wonderful time and enjoy LA as I smiled and left floating out of the restaurant. He was smiling too :)

Ah, Mr. Hedi Slimane, I LOVE YOU!

Love him.



Wish he liked to make out with girls :(

And I myspaced him. (What am I now, 20? ) And his personal assistant promptly messaged me back and said how sweet I was (he was there with him) and that Hedi always loves LA :) Glad to be a good representative.

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