Monday, October 8, 2007

Keeping up. And not being jaded.

Okay, while I am entering my own special hell of LA fashion week right now, I am still trying to make time to keep up with the runway shows in Paris, the reviews, etc.

Lagerfeld. Loved the sheer hosiery-like pants layered under his other garments (happy that they would look amazing on skinny little legs) and the modern corset/girdle/bondage belt. His staging and lights were just amazing. Do yourself a favor and look at more of the photos on or Always check the "detail" shots. They are the best. Loved also the little nods to his lighting in the lucite accessories on the models, the only "light" in their otherwise black/grey/white palette. I may have been more captivated by this than his Chanel collection....

Galliano. I think the fashion editors were just bitter that he had them shlep across town into some crazy stadium just full of rugby fans. Bitter. Jaded. I thought his collection was beautiful. If I could dress like that several times a week, I would. Its the perfect girl's fantasy of dressing up in great-grandma's clothes meets ballet meets a priceless doll collection with maybe a splash of too many cocktails. PERFECT for a Sunday brunch with girlfriends! The colors of the garments ranging from those in hand-colored antique photos to deep crimson like the classic flapper's lips. The hair and makeup was truly amazing. Gold hair. Love it. Painted doll lashes and bubblegum pink cheeks, beautiful. The sequin "flapper wigs" were amazing. He should make movies and design the costumes himself.

And back to this simple little world here. I wish it were simple as my life used to be at times back in Virginia. I am missing my family so much right now. Hired a sweet intern from North Carolina. Her "dream is to work in fashion," so I wanted to make her dream come true, no matter her experience. She says "ya'll," is in a college sorority back East, has to get a dress for "semi formal" and made me have a good hearted laugh that the 2 people she wants to meet are "God and Lauren from the Hills." Bless her heart..... But seriously, its great to have that complete open enthusiasm around, especially when you are asking kids to put thousands of lables on envelopes for fashion shows. She was so thrilled to be able to tell her friends that she stamped Carmen Electra's invite and opened up her Max Factor ad in V magazine to proclaim it. God bless the bible belt, ya'll!

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