Wednesday, October 3, 2007


keith lissner is an amazing designer launching his collection for spring 08. (i'll post at another point his black silk dresses with nude tulle that are classic chic at its best.) he's also a gentleman, which goes quite a long way with me. i am a southern belle afterall.....

keith is a "real" designer. he creates stories. he seeks inspiration. he knows the importance of cut and patterns and the details in the construction of a garment and how it works on a woman's body. and he has the most beautiful stories for each of his dresses, which of course for someone like me, also makes everything even more special and makes me fall in love with the pieces even more.

i'd love to wear this dress in one of josephine's gardens. with gloves. its much more vibrant and green in person. its a subtle sort of sexy with the way it grazes the body as you walk and the slight sheerness of light coming through layers. this dress changes colors so slightly and beautifully as the light hits it. it comes to life for me, like the leaves of a beautiful flower.

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